Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello Everyone

At the moment it is 9.15pm and I am sitting here typing this email to you all  in the hope that I will make it to midnight not only to see the “Last Chance List” but to also place a pre-order for the new Idea Book and Catalogue and also to place an order for some new goodies of pre-selected stamps and accessories by Stampin’ Up! Let’s see if I can last!

Stay tuned J …………………….

Okay it is now 11.44pm and the list is up early … here is the link ladies

Now if you are interested in any of the products on the list, please email with your orders as soon as possible. I will be putting in an order on Tuesday.

Still can’t go to bed though as it’s not midnight and am waiting to pre-order those new catalogues for you :)