Thursday, 2 December 2010


My Dad, Leslie Michael Grehan was born on the 27th October 1930 so this year we celebrated his 80th birthday.

Dad grew up on a farm in the country town of Ravensbourne just outside of Toowoomba west of Brisbane the second last of ten children. His dad was killed when he was 11 so everyone, had to pitch in and help with the farm from that day on. He reminisces about his youth constantly. All the fun they riding to school on a horse (3 of them), stealing fruit from the other farmers orchards at night, his boarding school days, country dances, moving to the big smoke to go to Uni and then work.

My Dad eventually ended up working for Woolworths and we lived all over the place. Our childhood was never boring but I vowed that when I married and had kids, we would live in one place while they were growing up and we have; several houses but always in the same town so they could go to the same school and make life long friends. This was something that I missed out on, but I will always be grateful to Mum and Dad though and the opportunities they gave us.

My Dad is now not the tough business man he used to be. He loves spending time with his grandchildren and is now also a great grandfather. He loves his garden and loves to potter about it and my boys are off over there tomorrow to help him dig out a few tree stumps so he can plant something new. When they were little they loved to go the small hobby farm that Mum and Dad had. They loved to help him with the vegie patch, ride the horse and swim in the pool. School holidays spent with Nan and Pop were the best. He has taught them both a lot of skills, that we couldn't teach them. It's nice to see them now all grown up and still loving to go over and help them out.

Here they all are together at Dad's Birthday lunch. We went to a little boutique winery in the Gold Coast Hinterland and then back to our house for coffee and cake, speeches and pressies. That's Paul on the left, then Dad, my nephew Nicholas and my other son Jay.

 Now here is the card that I made for him.

The card was in sepia tones but not quite as yellow as it looks here, but it gives it that old country feel I think.